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To build the Relativty headset, we will need some hardware. On this page we will tell you what hardware you will need, and some additional information about it.


We use a STM32 in our VR headset, to process the data from the MPU9250, and send it to the PC.

MPU 9250[edit]

We use a MPU9250 in our VR headset, to track your head movements, and send this data to SteamVR.

2K screen + board[edit]

The screen in our VR headset is a LS055R1SX03 5.5" 2k (2560x1440) LCD

Fresnal Lenses[edit]

The lenses in our VR headset are Fresnal Lenses with a focal lenght of 80mm.

3D printed parts[edit]

The model of our VR headset is 3D printed. You dont have to use the 3D printed model. You can also use a VR headset for a mobile phone, as long as a 5.5" screen fits inside it.