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Tara Brach, Ph.D. has written Radical Acceptance -Embracing Your Life With The Heart Of a Buddha to help bring about The transformation from living in pain, fear, and judgment of self and others to a joyful life full of love, compassion and understanding.

Do the same with the right foot and leg up into your right hip. Direct your awareness to the root chakra area - abdomen and buttocks. Next explore your stomach, heart and chest, traveling up to your throat. Then move down to your left hand, feel the sensations in each of your fingers, and travel up your arm to your left shoulder. Repeat with the right side. Explore your neck and throat; notice how you can relax and expand your throat. Travel into your brain, let your face and jaw relax. Allow the muscles around your scalp, temples and forehead to soften and relax.

Medication should be the last resort to sleep, as they also have their side effects and can lead to dependency. It is advisable not to take sleeping pills for more than 2 consecutive days and not more than 3 times in a week.

Using these types of meditation CDs is just another tool to add to your repertoire when selecting the type of meditation technique that you feel most comfortable with and enjoy the most. After all, if you don't feel comfortable doing it, there's not much likelihood you'll stick with it right?

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A guided meditation CD is a very good and popular alternative to sitting and doing breathing meditation on your own. This is why it's very popular amongst people that are new to meditation and are beginning their meditation practice.

Like many of you, I didn't really think meditation or the like was 'for me'. I thought I needed something different. I think this was partly due to the connotation of the hippy image of people meditating and seemingly so far removed from me and my life. I'm glad I no longer have that archaic view!! It's for everyone -especially those who don't take an active role in taking notice of their environment as the typical 'hippie' knows is the healthy thing to do.

Our tool we use for creation is our subconscious mind, you can even call it your 'God Mind'. Our subconscious mind is filled with thoughts, beliefs and ways of viewing the world that have been fed into it throughout our entire life. It is the thoughts and beliefs in our subconscious mind that reach out and create our external reality.