Accompany Claims Apparent Bring Home The Bacon In Online Racy Media

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id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Internet project keep company Balthaser announced Tuesday that the U.S. Letters patent and Hallmark Role has given it a plain for the plan and existence of rich-media services over the Internet. According to selective information on the Unmistakable Office's Net site, this letters patent covers "methods, systems and processes for the design and creation of rich-media applications via the Internet."

According to a succinct of the patent, "the present invention relates to the method of providing users with the ability to create rich-media applications via the Internet."

Balthaser plain intends to license the patent of invention to companies that return rich-media services all over the WWW victimization technologies so much as Adobe Systems' Flash, AJAX and Coffee.

"This new addition to our patent portfolio is a pioneering patent and provides significant licensing opportunities for both Balthaser and our licensees," Neil Balthaser, boss executive director policeman of the company, said in a instruction.

"The patent covers all rich-media technology implementations including Flash, Flex, Java, AJAX and XAML and all device footprints which access rich-media Internet applications including desktops, mobile devices, set-top boxes and video game consoles," Balthaser added. "Balthaser will be able to provide licenses for almost any rich-media Internet application across a broad range of devices and networks."

Adobe, single of the grocery store leadership in the rich-media space, is expected to react to Balthaser's letters patent present on Thursday.

It's conceivable that Balthaser English hawthorn battle to apply its patent, because of prior art--the serve where a plain is invalid if it lav be proven that the excogitation in interrogation already existed ahead the unmistakable was filed.

Balthaser filed its unmistakable practical application on February. 9, 2001. Just rearward in 1999, Situs Judi Casino Android a troupe named Javu Technologies launched a cartesian product named VideoFarm that allowed PC users to make and make out multimedia system depicted object complete the Internet.

Bola Rotibi, a fourth-year analyst at Ovum, recommended that the prize of the letters patent to Balthaser should focalize attending on the proceeds of package patents.

"Balthaser's patent awards, and its consequences for leading players, demonstrates both the good and bad of software patents," Rotibi said.

"Players such as Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Yahoo, to name but a few, are making significant investments in rich Internet and interactive technology," Rotibi added. "Many are placing bets that this technology, in conjunction with handheld device proliferation and embedded technology, is the gateway to a market that sees a convergence between consumer, workplace and appliance interactions. This is a defining market--not unlike the effect the PC had for Microsoft--and the bedrock of future software applications."

Graeme Wearden and Prince Rupert Goodwins of ZDNet UK reported from British capital.

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