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Relativty is an open-source project aimed to achieve VR democratization by the means of inexpensive hardware and abundant content.

The first contribution we made to those ideals is Relativ an open-source VR headset buildable for $100 that anyone can contribute to, do you want to join the guild?


Once upon a time, one young man named Maxime Coutté got interested in VR because of anime called SAO. But at that time he couldn't afford an Oculus Rift - that was too expensive for a teenager from tiny French villiage. So he talked with his friends and they decided to make a VR headset by themselves.



Full article: Relativ


Full article: FastVR

FastVR is an SDK to create Relativ-compatible VR games in Unity engine in a minute.


Full article: WRHML

WRHML is a super fast communication beetwen Unity3D and Arduino, made to create interactive experiences in a minute.

Current state[edit]


  • Project web site up & running.
  • Project Wiki up & running.
  • Discord based discussion forums up & running.
  • VR Headset stl files are 3D printer ready.
  • STM32 code with MPU6050 fully working


Relativty's current goals;

  • Tracking system
  • Trackable controllers
  • Upgrade to 9DOF IMU sensor